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What To Bring On Your Fishing Charter



To adequately prepare you for your fishing charter and ensure you have what is needed to make your trip a pleasurable experience we have prepared a list of essential items to review prior to your trip.

  • Soft Soled Shoes (Work boots scuff boat decks and are slippery)

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen – No spray on sunscreen as it stains the seating.

  • Camera

  • Hat or Cap

  • Rain Gear

  • Appropriate layered clothing for the conditions

  • Large cooler to take home your catch. You can leave this cooler in your car until after the trip and then put the cleaned bagged fish in after your trip.

  • Cooler to bring on the boat with any food or drink that you would like. Please do NOT bring bottles as they may break on the boat.

  • *** STANNARD ROCK TRIPS *** it is especially important to bring extra warm layers on this trip to stay warm during the 1.5 hour boat ride to get out to the fishing location.  There is plenty of room in the cabin so we recommend bringing a duffel bag with extra jackets, gloves, hats, etc. 



A major concern among Lake Superior fishermen, especially the first-time angler, is motion sickness.

  • Make sure to take this early enough so that it works for you.

  • To help reduce, or in many cases, eliminate seasickness, get a good night’s sleep and eat a solid breakfast.

  • There are also a number of over the counter remedies available such as Dramamine or Bonine.

  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist about what is right for you and be sure to follow the directions.

  • Be sure that when taking Dramamine or Bonine that you take it in advance of your trip so it can get into your system and start to work.

  • Do not wait until your on the boat or begin to feel motion sick to take your remedy…once you start to feel the affects of motion sickness it is too late.



All anglers over the age of 16 are required to have a Michigan All-Species Fishing License.  Please get this before you arrive at the marina. They are available online at You can also get your license at most Fishing Stores, Gas Stations, and Wal-Mart etc.

  • Those of you who are coming from out-of-state or do not have a resident Michigan fishing license, your best option is to purchase a 1-day all species fishing license. The cost is $10 per day for residents and non residents.   


To purchase a license online click the box below & it will take you directly to the DNR license page.

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